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Alysa rushtonKnown as The “Magnetic Messenger Creator”, Alysa Rushton is a Professional Certified Coach and Master Certified Public Speaking Instructor who teaches heart-centered entrepreneurs how to craft their authentic message, and shine their light so they can magnetically attract their ideal clients.   Alysa is the founder of Magnetic Messenger’s Academy and the creator of popular programs like Get Clients With Speaking and Profitable Workshops That Rock.   She’s going to shake up the way you think about your voice, your message, your business and will inspire you to shine your brightest light!

Alysa has over 10 years experience as a professional speaking coach & sales trainer and has trained over 1000 sales executives to shine their light and be powerful presenters on stage and on camera.

Through her years of presentation, sales and coaching experience, she’s here to help you shine your light, expand your “celebrity”, maximize & leverage live events and public speaking so you can attract an endless stream of clients all while sharing your message with the world.

Her clients call her ‘inspiring’ and ‘intuitive’ and one coach said that she learned more from Alysa in a one hour talk than she had in 4 months of business school.

Get ready to step into your greatness and put your hands together to welcome Alysa Rushton to the stage!


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