Mindset for Massive Success as a Public Speaker

Mindset Mastery For Massive Success as a Speaker

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with successful people.

I love to find out what they are doing differently from the rest of us that makes success come so easily & gives them their magic touch.

What I’ve found out from years of research is that success at anything mostly, it’s a mindset thing.

Do successful people have mad skills?


But they are also thinking about things much differently than the rest of us.

So today, you’re about to get a peek behind the curtain into what it takes to be a highly successful person from someone who’s won one of the most coveted awards one can win in sports – an Olympic Gold Medal.

Dain Blanton is a tremendous motivational speaker and he’s also an Olympic Gold Medalist.

Today you’re going to learn:

  • The secret technique that gold medalists use to create success on and off the court.
  • What to do when negative thoughts come in – and trust me they do!
  • The one super simple trick you can use to deal with negative thoughts to help them dissipate quickly.
  • The thoughts and actions that high performers consistently employ to have Massive success as a speaker / presenter.

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Mindset for Public SpeakingAbout Dain Blanton

Dain Blanton is a speaker/mentor to youth across the nation with his Getting to Gold program.

Dain is also an American beach volleyball player who won the 2000 Olympic Gold Medal

in Men’s Beach Volleyball in Sydney, Australia. He returned to the Games in Athens 2004

becoming the first US male to compete in two different Olympics in the sport of Beach

Volleyball. In 1997 Dain became the first ever African-American to win a Major Beach

volleyball title when he won the Hermosa Beach Grand Slam. He is also one of the only

players in the history of volleyball to win a championship at every level of the game (collegiate,

professional, Olympics). Dain attended Pepperdine University where he won the 1992 National

Championship in Volleyball and also earned his degree in Public Relations as well as a teaching

credential in Physical Education. Dain is currently a sports broadcaster who has covered NBA,

College Football, Major League Baseball and NCAA, AVP and FIVB volleyball while working for

Fox Sports, ESPN, CBS Sports Network and Universal Sports .

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