Learn to Move Through Your Fear and Stand Up For Your Mission With Power, Presence And Confidence On Large Scale Stages


Wanna know what YOU and Johnny Carson have in common?  (no it’s not a super popular TV show -although I’ll bet that’s not far off for you).

It’s bigtime FEAR before going on stage!


Even the greatest presenters of all time had fear before going on stage.

In fact, before Johnny got a handle on his fear, he used to puke before going on stage in his early TV days.  (Johnny puking?  Crazy right?)

Which is why I wanted to share this interview I just did with Ashley Burnett where she shows you how to move through the fear that so many of us speakers face before a speaking gig so that you can stand up for your mission with power and claim your presence on large scale stages.

In this awesome video interview / training you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to OWN all of who you are so that you can let everybody see the brilliance that is YOU
  • Some really cool ways to use your body as a shortcut to move through fear quickly.
  • The #1 thing that turns your audience off and what to do instead
  • Ashley’s #1 tip for releasing fear and self doubt before you step on stage
  • 11:56 – An easy exercise that allows you to access the bravest version of yourself
  • How to flood the body with feel good chemicals that let’s you feel confident and powerful
  • 21:00 Power poses that change how you feel in your body and up-level your self confidence
  • How to stop jello-body, dry mouth, the poops” and other unfriendly things that can take over a presenter’s body
  • How to call on the energies of your personal heros so that you can feel supported and know that you’re not alone

Watch the Video:

Listen to the Audio:

Resources from the Show:

Ashley’s Free 3-Part Training

Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk on Power Posing 

About Ashley:

Ashley BurnettAshley is International Business and Leadership coach, professional dancer and speaker.  She is founder of Strongbodylove.com, creator of wildly popular Holistic Fempreneur Leadership program and Uninhibited Leadership. Ashley is on a mission to help women leaders embody their message, heighten their visibility, and speak up on large scale stages with a strong sense of presence and confidence.

As a 13-year strong entrepreneur, Ashley has run 4 successful creative and wellness inspired businesses, created & facilitated nearly 100 live & virtual events, and helps her clients scale their work through workshops, events, retreats, and the power of the stage.

Driven by her belief that when women claim their uninhibited power and speak up for their missions, we’ll be doing our part to raise the consciousness of the planet and create a more peaceful world for all beings, everywhere.

Now I’d love to hear from you!

Pop a comment below and let us know who’s on your power posse!


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