How to quickly build your coaching business with SPEAKING!

Mari Carmen Pizarro

When I first started my coaching business, I was always talking with super successful coaches to see what they were doing.

I believe that success leaves a trail that you can duplicate and copy so that you can shave years off your learning curve.

Which is why I’m bringing you an interview (a case study really), of a super successful Health Coach Mari Carmen Pizarro, who is CRUSHING IT when it comes to getting clients, making a great living and quickly building a community for herself.

In this interview you’ll notice that Mari isn’t doing anything that’s super complicated.  In fact we don’t even mention social media (although she has a great following).

What you’ll notice is that Mari is using one strategy really well.  And that strategy is SPEAKING!

In this candid case study you’ll learn:

  • The secret to expand and grow your coaching business quickly (without spending any money on marketing)
  • #1 strategy for building a super successful coaching biz
  • Strategy to get VIP clients, fill group programs and fill live events
  • What happens when you over teach & wing your talks & what to do instead
  • Tips for being totally prepared and confident at your next talk
  • The #1 thing to include in your talk that will get you out of struggle and into getting clients with your talks

Watch the Video:

8:53 – The most powerful thing you can do to have a successful coaching business that makes money!

9:54 – How speaking helps you grow your leadership, influence and career.

11:54 – Why speaking is so much better than writing at attracting your ideal clients.

12:30 – Mari’s #1 strategy for growing her health coaching business.

19:17 – Mari dishes on exactly how she used speaking to make nearly 10k at a recent event.

23:04 – The most important element you need to have at your events to make money from them.

23:46 – Mari’s top tips for being totally prepared and rocking your confidence when you’re up on stage.

27:37 – The essential component you can add into your talks that will take you out of struggle so you can finally start getting all the clients you want from your talks.

29:26 – Mari gives her best advice for those who want to use speaking to quickly build their business.

Listen to the Audio:

Read the transcript: 

About Mari:

IMG_1159-EditMari Carmen Pizarro is dedicated to teaching women leaders how to feel continuously energized, look their best and exude confidence that is inspirational to others.

In 2006 Mari made dramatic changes in both her career and lifestyle, and indeed, she did find a way to control her health.  She left a successful, corporate 25-year career to become a full time entrepreneur and spread her no-nonsense nutritional approach through her company Streamlined Health, llc, to others who, like her, suffered from health ailments that prevented them to play their top game.

She is the best selling, award winning author of the book “Gone in a Flash”; your all-in-one guidebook to taking control of menopause symptoms and discovering the vibrant you that comes with confidence, maturity, and healthier living.  She is also the creator of the Body Love System© a nurturing method to deal with the health draining side effects of emotional eating and lack of self-love.

Streamlined Health’s science based approach used to fully engage people’s capacity and skill grew out of over 30 years of experience in the arena of high performance.  Having successfully worked with an array of master achievers from the world of business and human integrated performance has been the key to her success.

Mari is a certified Integrative Health Coach, Personal Trainer, holds a master’s in business and is a world-class Transformational and Executive Coach.  She is a board-certified member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

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