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Get Paid to Speak Here’s a question I hear a lot from clients…  “How do I get PAID to speak?”

And if you’re like many of the clients I talk to, you might be wondering if there’s a special formula that speakers use to get themselves booked as a paid speaker.  Well today my dear you are in luck because my expert guest Shannon Oleen is going to share exactly how to get paid to speak.

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In this interview Shannon shares:

  • How she went from just scraping by, to being a highly sought after speaker in her niche.
  • Her wake up call that changed it all and how she created a business plan and vision for getting paid to speak. (You can totally swipe this plan for your own!)
  • The exact formula that she used to go from just barely getting by to making a great living as a motivational speaker. (She’s giving away some of her best secrets here.)
  • The magic words to use that ensure you’re talking to the right person who can get you booked for that important speaking gig.
  • The one question you can ask even if the person you’re talking to on the phone doesn’t need a speaker that will still help get you a speaking gig.
  • The key questions she asks that makes sure your talk goes off without a hitch.

Resources from the interview:

Real time text polls to engage with your audience

About Shannon Oleen:

Get Paid to Speak Shannon Oleen RELATABLE. ENERGIZING. AUTHENTIC. Those are the words repeated time and again by people who’ve experienced an inspiring program led by motivational speaker, Shannon Oleen. Her powerful and uplifting messages have audiences nodding and cheering—and driven to get out there and achieve their dreams.

For nearly a decade, this Kansas City native has shared her charm, enthusiasm and inspiring words with young adults, employees and organizations, presenting each audience member with an important “gift”—the tools and motivation to harness their potential.

Using her own life experiences and encounters with adversity as a backdrop, Shannon shows audiences the way to the “Happiness Path,” providing easy‐to‐follow nuggets of inspiration participants of all ages can use in their daily lives.

A former professional NFL cheerleader, Shannon draws on that “go team” attitude to show her audiences how to gain yardage in the game of life. Her magnetic energy and enthusiasm will continue to inspire hearts and minds, long after the lights go down on your event!

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I hope you loved this interview and I’d love to hear what action step you’re planning on taking.  So go ahead and type in the comments section below and let me know what you got out of today’s interview.

Here’s to you getting paid to speak,


Get Paid to Speak

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