Call In Your Audience

If you’re like many of the coaches I work with you’re eager to speak to audiences that are filled with raving fans and potential clients.

Yet, a really common problem is that many coaches are speaking in front of the wrong audience and that can feel draining, exhausting and even a bit defeating.

While there’s a lot that goes into getting in front of the right audience, I like to start with the energetics.

As Esther Hicks and I both say…

“Align first, then take action.”

Which is why I hiked a few miles into a beautiful vortex at the KÄ«lauea Volcano, here on the Big Island of Hawaii to record you this video activation.

As you watch or listen to this, you’ll get in touch with the most supportive and delicious energies that will help you to fully align be ready as a speaker and a teacher.

And after the alignment you’ll actually call in your ideal audience!

Watch The Video:

Please make sure you have your headphones in as you watch or listen to this so that you can fully tune into the energies that will support you in this readiness activation.









Listen To The Audio

To download click THIS LINK and then right click in the black space and choose save as.

This works – if you work it!

Supporting Your Success

I’d love to hear what new and amazing opportunities start to come into your awareness after having completed this activity so please do share them below.

Here’s to you and your light,


Special thanks to Thaddeus for their healing music which was used in this video.

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