Get Paid To Speak

Here’s a question I hear a lot from clients…  “How do I get PAID to speak?” And if you’re like many of the clients I talk to, you might be wondering if there’s a special formula that speakers use to get themselves booked as a paid speaker.  Well today my dear you are in luck…

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What’s In My Bag – Essential Public Speaking Tools

Public speaking tools

A few days ago I met with a new buddy Steve Iwersen, The Ambition Expert, and masterful speaker who is currently getting certified as a CSP (only 12 percent of professional speakers have this certification). Steve and I got to talking and compared what we carried in our speaking bags.  It turns out we had a…

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Speaking secrets from TEDx speaker – Joyce Layman

Public speaking secrets

Ok, so you know you want to get out there and share your message through speaking. But you’ve got some questions. Questions like: How do I get started with speaking? How do I inspire the room? How can I ENGAGE the audience and get them wanting more? And… How can I get past the uncomfortable…

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Powerful Exercise to Get Ready for 2015

end the year

Whew… 2014 was a year of quantum growth and rapid change for me! I created and launched a new course Magnetic Messenger’s Academy – Speak to Get Clients.  Took my signature talk on the road.  Hit new revenue heights. But… 2014 was also a time that I made a lot of mistakes. The payment plugin…

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The Art of The Pitch – How to write the perfect pitch letter that gets you gigs + swipe file

pitch letter

Ok.  So you watched the video The Best Way to Get Your Business Featured on a Podcast with juicy tips from Amanda Cook of and you’re all fired up about getting yourself out there in a bigger way. Now it’s time to get your pitch on girl! But before you go diving in, there’s a bit of…

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Get your business featured on a podcast with Amanda Cook

Get your business featured on a pod cast

Have you been wondering how to get yourself out there to be a featured guest on a podcast? Well, if you have this post is for you! Many coaches and holistic practitioners want to find ways to spread their message and get in front of their ideal audience so they can make more impact and…

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Attracting Abundance

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 2.20.51 PM

Have you tried just about everything, but still struggle with attracting abundance? While it’s true that there are many factors that go into attracting abundance, I personally think that abundance is an inside job. Check out this video from that helps to retrain your subconscious mind to attract wealth and abundance in all it’s many forms.…

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How falling down (hard) leads to success…


Have you ever fallen down hard in your business?   I know I have!I can remember a time when I was giving a smoothie demo during a presentation for a group of 40.  I was making one of my favorite acai berry energy smoothies.  The cap wasn’t on the blender fully and when I hit…

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