What a night hike to see the lava can teach you about sharing your message


Five of us set out on the three mile hike to see the active lava flow on Hawaii’s Big Island from the Puʻu ʻŌʻō Vent. ’ – at night. Our plan was to walk to the lava field in the late daylight hours so that we could be there at dusk and be off the lava…

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Call In Your Audience

If you’re like many of the coaches I work with you’re eager to speak to audiences that are filled with raving fans and potential clients. Yet, a really common problem is that many coaches are speaking in front of the wrong audience and that can feel draining, exhausting and even a bit defeating. While there’s…

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Speaker Sheets That Get You Booked

I’m really excited to welcome Alicia White, owner of Back of the Room Productions to speak with me today. Alicia is a preferred vendor for some amazing speakers associations. She is the go-to-gal when it comes to all things speaker products related. In this interview, we dive into how you want to use your speaker sheet,…

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How to quickly build your coaching business with SPEAKING!

Mari Carmen Pizarro

When I first started my coaching business, I was always talking with super successful coaches to see what they were doing. I believe that success leaves a trail that you can duplicate and copy so that you can shave years off your learning curve. Which is why I’m bringing you an interview (a case study…

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Learn to Move Through Your Fear and Stand Up For Your Mission With Power, Presence And Confidence On Large Scale Stages


Wanna know what YOU and Johnny Carson have in common?  (no it’s not a super popular TV show -although I’ll bet that’s not far off for you). It’s bigtime FEAR before going on stage! Yup. Even the greatest presenters of all time had fear before going on stage. In fact, before Johnny got a handle…

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How To Work With Doctors & Get Your Phone Ringing Off The Hook With Referrals

Have you ever wondered how you can get a set of incredible doctors (you know the ones, with the high-end clients) to make YOU their favorite referral partner? Well lovely, you my dear are in luck! You see back in the day I used to be a health coach and two things helped me build…

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How to make sure you’re legally covered as a presenter

Get Your Talk Legally Covered Alysa Rushton & Lisa Fraley

Talking about legal matters isn’t something most of us love to do (me included).  But Lisa Fraley, Lawyer and Legal Coach® makes getting legally covered a real breeze.  In fact, Lisa has a really interesting twist on the law, where she relates the 7 key legal steps to your 7 chakras.  Imagine that! In today’s training…

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Mindset for Massive Success as a Public Speaker

Mindset Mastery For Massive Success as a Speaker

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with successful people. I love to find out what they are doing differently from the rest of us that makes success come so easily & gives them their magic touch. What I’ve found out from years of research is that success at anything mostly, it’s…

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Five Easy Steps To Strengthen Your Core Message For Massive List Growth & Client Attraction


Ever wonder how you can grow your list quickly and attract your ideal clients? Well you’re in for a real treat! In today’s video our guest expert Karen Pattock, internationally known Business Coach, shares 5 easy steps you can take right now for massive list growth and client attraction. You’re going to learn: The #1…

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Become The Speaker You Were Meant To Be


Have you ever wondered how great speakers got their start?  And have you wondered what-in-the-heck you can do to become like them? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll learn about on today’s episode of the Get Clients With Speaking Show where Carolyn McCall, current president of the Kansas City chapter of the National Speakers Association shares:…

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